Special School For Hearing Impaired

The deaf and hard of hearing Education in  our Institute is given in two types one is  Full inclusion advocates wish to place all special education students, regardless of the severity of any given child's disability, in regular education classrooms with accommodations, adjustments, and support services is given in general classrooms. Those favoring partial inclusion raise questions as to the interpretation of "least restrictive environment" and oppose the elimination of the continuum of services, a network of supporting Trainers and services for the deaf children may mean a language resource room, speech therapy Room, or by  language tutoring is been provided to the children.


Our Methodologies in Training Hearing Impaired

  • Regular speech, language, and auditory training from a specialist.
  • Therapy through  amplification systems.
  • Services of an interpreter for those students who use manual communication.
  • Favorable seating in the class to facilitate speech reading, captioned films/videos.
  • Assistance of a note taker, who takes notes for the student with a hearing loss, so that the student  can fully attend to instruction.
  • Counseling

There are 80 students in the school out of which 62 are Hostlers the remaining 18 children are day scholars. The organization has recruited 24 members of staff as per staff pattern and guidelines from by Ministry of Social Justice, GOI during 2016-17.


This organization has been registered under PWD act vide

  • Certificates of Recognition (No 2 of 2003) up to 18.08.2017.
  • Certificate of form B grant of Recognition (No 2 of 2003) up to 18.8.2016 by the Asst. Director Welfare disabled and Sr. Citizens, SPSR, Nellore Dist. Dated 19.08.2015.
  • This Special School has been recognized by the State Government from 2003-04 from Ist to VIIth Class vide Rc.No.6226/A7/2009 dated 09-11-2009 of the District Educational Officer (FAC), Nellore and renewed the recognition vide DEO’s RC NO.9470/B1/2012 dt. 06-07-2013.

We are in Need of

  • Computerized  Speech & language Trainer Equipment.
  • Groups & Individual Hearing Aids.
  • Uniforms & Blankets for the Retarded Children.
  • Corpus fund for the Self Sustainment of the  Institution.